Kingston Frameworks

Get to know: Colin Morris of Kingston Frameworks


Tell us about your work.


We offer custom framing, custom printing, mounted prints, as well as a host of retail items such as art mugs, cards, and lots of interesting things!


My dad and his business partners opened it in 1982. I became involved in 2018. It has been a cornerstone on the same block in downtown Kingston since that time. It started out as a DIY framing store and has now become custom framing and beyond.


You’ve gotta shop local. These are local people. They have real jobs. They work real hard. And they love working for you.


What have you learned about the Kingston community through the pandemic?


Kingston is an amazingly resilient town. It helps that we have so many stable employers and that the locals have rallied behind the idea of shopping local. It made me proud to be here.


How are you preparing for the holidays?


We’ve brought in amazing gift items, alongside special prices on our usual handmade custom frames – as small as 4×6 photo frames up to our bigger build-a-frame selection. Lots of interesting art prints by local artists as well such as Sally Chupick, John Shea, Todd Muller, and Paula Formanek (to name just a few).


We offer regular shows of our artists and try to keep it fresh and rotating. We’re always looking for new submissions and are excited to showcase a bunch of new artists.


Custom framing is an amazing gift because it’s so personal. It’s always cherished, it’s up on the wall, and they’ll think of you when they look at it.

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The Facts

Small and medium businesses create nine out of ten Canadian jobs.

–  Statistics Canada 

Canadian businesses have taken on tens of billions of dollars in debt, and many are struggling to repay.

–  Statistics Canada 

At least half of every dollar spent at local businesses stays local.

–  multiple North American studies –

Kingston was one of the Canadian economies most impacted by COVID-19.

–  Conference Board of Canada 

Small businesses need our help.

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